Adam Koralik

Adam Koralik is a content creator who has been producing videos for thirteen years on YouTube. Whether he’s unboxing a PS5, cleaning and restoring a Sega Saturn, or just giving an engaging history lesson on previous console generations; Adam’s videos are a must-watch for any gamer. He is a video game console expert known Keep Dreaming, Console Retrospectives, and PlayLoad. He features consoles from different generations of gaming and provides many videos detailing how to repair them. He even has whole videos with incredible access to one of a kind prototypes like the Sega Pluto and Nintendo PlayStation! Adam has also contributed to the YouTube channel “GameSocietyPimps” with work on Skyrim for Pimps, Christopher Walkenthrough, and Disneyland Adventures videos; and also contributed to “BlameSocietyFilms” with work on Chad Vader and Beer & Board Games. An avid game collector, Adam owns nearly every video game console ever made (including Japanese and European models) and, as a self proclaimed nomadic traveler, he even has a YouTube travel channel all about this, as a result he has scoured the world to amass a huge collection of thousands of video games for dozens of consoles.