Brendan Bailey

Intro to Indie Game Development!
In this panel, join LIRG team member Brendan Bailey as we dive into the world of Indie Game Development. We’ll be covering both creative and technical subjects involved in making a game, as well as going over resources and inspiration to get you started! Topics include:

• Game engines
• Programming
• Pixel art
• Sound/music
• Story writing
• Marketing & Community

Brendan Bailey is a retro gamer, pinball wizard, chiptune composer, pixel artist, and wannabe game developer. For the last 2 years he has been diving into the world of indie game development as a way to combine his creative hobbies and is excited to share his progress. Brendan works as the creative director at the digital marketing agency Generations Beyond and also serves as the museum coordinator for the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo.

Brendan is currently developing a Metroidvania style game called Nixie. Check out the development at