Brett Weiss

Brett Weiss has been a professional writer since 1997. He’s the author of 10 books: Encyclopedia of KISS, How to Get Published: 50 Successful Query Letters; The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987; Retro Pop Culture A to Z: From Atari 2600 to Zombie Films; The Arcade and Other Strange Tales; Classic Home Video Games 1972-1984; Classic Home Video Games 1985-1988; Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990; The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 1 (A-M), and The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 2 (N-Z).

In addition, Weiss has written more than 1600 published articles in such publications as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee and The Charlotte Observer, The Writer, Mystery Scene, AntiqueWeek, Antique Trader, Fangoria, Filmfax, Game Informer, Video Game Trader, Classic Gamer Magazine, the Comics Buyer’s Guide, Toy Shop, Toy Cars & Models, Back Issue magazine, Alter Ego, Robot magazine, and Native Peoples, among many others. Weiss also has a national column in AntiqueWeek called The Pop Culture Collective and a national column in Old School Gamer Magazine called Brett’s Bargain Bin.

When not writing, Weiss enjoys reading, hiking, cycling, playing basketball and tennis, watching movies, going to museums, collecting video games, listening to rock ’n roll, obsessing over the psychedelic ’60s, and hanging out with his family.