Free Play

Free Play Exhibits

Some highlights include:

  • Over 100 Arcade Cabinets all set to freeplay – no quarters needed!
  • Our “Ring of History” exhibit, where you can walk through, learn about, and play video game consoles from the 70s to the 00s.
  • Dedicated sections for racing games, puzzle games, light gun games, and more.
  • Over 50 PCs running a curated selection of classic PC Games, including LAN favorites.  We also have a new collection of actual classic PC hardware.
  • A system link section featuring some link cable games you may not have seen before (like Dreamcast and PS1), and a special Virtual Boy 2 player link cable setup.  This is in addition to our standard XBox LAN setups.
  • All of the retro favorites you know and love – there will be over 150 CRT Televisions at the Expo!

Ring of History Gallery 2019