Gail Tilden

Gail Tilden joined Nintendo of America’s marketing department in 1983 when the company was focused on arcade and handheld Game  & Watch products.  She executed the advertising and PR campaigns for the launch of the NES in 1985, and provided agency direction on the iconic pixel packaging style and NES branding.  In 1988, Tilden was tapped to start the NOA publications division, producing and marketing Nintendo Power and the Nintendo Player’s Guides as Director of Publications/Editor-in-Chief as well as founding Nintendo’s online presence with  When NOA decided to tackle the introduction of the multi-media Pokemon brand outside of Japan, Tilden assembled a Brand Management group to take on the multi-faceted task as well as a stint overseeing Nintendo’s Tree House as the VP Product Acquisition and Development and VP Brand Management.  Before departing in 2007, Gail orchestrated the creation of an in-house licensing team for all brand product and entertainment related business.  Post Nintendo, she worked with Enterplay developing and marketing licensed collectibles for brands like My Little Pony, Mario, Zelda, MLB, NHL and her own puppy toy brand – Muttles. Although she often advises entrepreneurs on new projects, she considers herself officially retired and is focused on fun.