Things to Do


LI Retro is one of the premiere stops for competitive gaming for both local and national players. Merging tournament events in both iconic titles and hidden  gems, LI Retro provides gamers of all skill types a variety of opportunities to compete at the highest level.  Whether they are competing for prizes or for the experience, LI Retro provides gamers with a balanced yet exhilarating atmosphere that has everyone feeling like a champion. In addition to onsite viewing, tournaments are also live-streamed to a global audience providing competitors additional exposure in pursuit of future challenges.

Free Play

Freeplay is an area where you get to re live video game history! It is comprised of many different areas. You can select from various home video game consoles, arcade machines, and PCs as they were in the 70s, 80’s and 90’s. Enjoy gaming with iconic characters such as Sonic, Mario, and Pac-Man. Team up with a buddy to take on a level boss. Or, go head to head in a sports classic. Experience the first ever PC FPS. No DLC! No load times! No RROD! And we aren’t even counting the museum which is a freeplay area all in itself.

Guests & Panels

LI Retro Gaming Expo features a full line up of guest speakers from the world of retro games. Our guests range from famous video game streamers, youtubers, game designers, gaming historians, podcast hosts, and authors of recent books on retro games. In addition we also feature a variety of video game music themed musical guests and bands! Click below to see our guest lineup:


LI Retro’s marketplace provides gamers an endless amount of take-home gaming experiences from both local and national vendors.  Curated to ensure the best possible experience for attendees, LI Retro’s vendor hall will host a plethora of sellers across a variety of products ranging from retro resellers, modders, authors, artists, hobby enthusiasts, and more – all in the realm of the gaming culture. Vendor registration is now open! If you’d like to be put on the mailing list please email us at  


You asked, we listened! Pinball is now at LI Retro Gaming Expo. Play a variety of classic and modern pinball machines. We are also looking for individuals to bring machines and will provide free admission to the show if you can bring a machine for people to play. 

Cosplay + Contest

Cosplay Contest information and rules can be found at the link below.


The Retro Gaming Museum features rare consoles and software from gaming’s past, graciously donated by various collectors in our community. Our museum isn’t just a show and tell – many of our rarities will be open for free play, including the Sharp X68000 Computer, FM Towns Marty, and Amiga 500!

If you are interested in loaning an item for the museum, please contact Brendan at We are seeking the following items:

• Development Systems for any console
• Prototype Software for any cartridge based console
• Demo Kiosks
• Any rare, obscure game consoles or computers

On Saturday night the vendor room closes, the bar comes out, and we all kick back and relax for an evening of games, musical performances and fun.  Join us for some relaxing games with good music and watch Super Thrash Bros play a heck of a set!

Retro & Chill

High Score Challenge

Head to head competition not your thing? Then give one of the many games we have in our High Score Challenge section a try!  The High Score Challenge section will be located on the second floor of the venue.