25 Years of Dreamcast

Still "Thinking" 25 Years Later

On September 9, 1999, North America was introduced to one of the most revolutionary gaming platforms of all time…and what was then unbeknownst to many, Sega’s swan song in the console race.

Billed as “It’s Thinking” in its American advertising campaign, the Dreamcast was far ahead of its time with a online capability, its unique storage capacity in the GD-rom, a stand-alone console with its memory card – the VMU, and a slew of eclectic accessories and software that have yet to be repeated. 

In celebration of The Dreamcast’s 25th North American Anniversary, LI Retro will be hosting an all-encompassing look at what made the console and its library so revolutionary, its legacy since, and the future of its preservation in history.

dreamcast 25th anniversary
dreamcast 25th anniversary

This unique exhibit will showcase both marquee titles that came to symbolize the Dreamcast’s legendary status along with the hidden gems, quirky titles, and often forgotten masterpieces – all playable – that have set it apart from retro consoles in the hearts of gamers to this day.  

Gamers will be treated to the vast library of games to explore, including prototypes, newly released independent titles, and special modded titles – all of which showcasing the wide diversity of experiences only possible on the Dreamcast.

dreamcast 25th anniversary