Gaming Zones

Play The Widest Variety of Games at LI Retro

FULL MOTION FRENZY (New for 2024!) - Full Motion Video

Step into the wild world of FMV games! This section blasts you back to the early 90s, where live-action mayhem meets interactive storytelling. Prepare for outrageous plots, cheesy acting, and quick-time decisions that control the fate of the on-screen heroes (or villains)! So dust off your nostalgia, unleash your inner actor, and get ready for a Full Motion Frenzy!

ANIME ARCADE (New for 2024!) - Anime

Warp back to the golden age of anime in North America! This section is a celebration of those unforgettable early 1990s games that brought your favorite anime characters to life on your console. Get ready for pixelated punches, powered-up heroes, and iconic storylines from a time when anime exploded onto the scene. So grab your controller, unleash your inner otaku, and prepare to relive the Ani-Merica experience!

THE PIT STOP - Driving / Racing Games

Shift into turbo this LI Retro with a fully dedicated zone to racing games, where you will be immersed in the driver’s seat.  A wide assortment of racing games ranging from simulations to arcade-styled racers across multiple platforms will be playable at LI Retro. These games allow players to race cars, boats, and other unconventional ways against other players or the clock. Examples include Super Hang-On, Wave Race 64, and Crash Team Racing. Push the pedal to the medal, and see how far you can go!

RUN 'N JUMP - Platformers

Attendees to LI Retro will enjoy a bevy of classic (2D) and modern (3D) platform titles that will remind them of the genre most representative of the videogames medium.  Players can expect to get their hands on the most recognizable titles within the Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, Metroid, Kirby, Crash Bandicoot and Castlevania series, while also lesser known franchises and deep cuts throughout the weekend at LI Retro.

PUZZLE PALACE - Puzzle Games

Puzzlers will be well represented at LI Retro with a wide selection of games for problem-solvers and puzzle-addicts to challenge their brains.  Famous titles such as Dr. Mario and Tetris and its various iterations will all be on for play.  Players can try out all of the puzzlers in both single or multi-player setups, and other unique arrangements specifically being put together at LI Retro.

LIGHT GUN ALLEY - Light Gun Games

Show off your accuracy and let loose on your trigger finger with an assortment of classic CRT light-gun games dating all the way back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. LI Retro’s 2024 Light-Gun Stations will include the most iconic titles of the genre such as Duck Hunt to the last iteration of CRT shooters such as those utilizing the Sega Virtua Stunner and Namco GunCon.

REALITY CHECK - Immersive Peripheral Games

Some games require more than just your typical controller.  We’re setting up a number of gaming stations dedicated to those titles that simply can’t be defined by a genre but by the means to actually play them.  Enjoy a variety of titles that use a special accessory to immerse players even deeper into the game such as mech simulations, fishing games, and many more.  You’ll never look at a controller the same way again!

KUPO KORNER II - Role Playing Games (RPGs)

Welcome back, fellow gamers, to Kupo Korner II at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo! Prepare to be whisked away on a nostalgic journey through the annals of RPG history. This year, immerse yourself in classic titles such as Lunar: Silver Star for Sega CD and Vagrant Story for PlayStation. Delve into rich storytelling, strategic battles, and unforgettable characters as you relive the magic of these iconic RPGs. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the genre, Kupo Korner II promises an epic gaming experience that will transport you to distant lands and ignite your imagination. Get ready to embark on a quest like no other and make memories that will last a lifetime!

THROWDOWN TOWN - Fighting Games

Go one on one with the heavy hitters in the fighting game scene.  Blast out hadoukens and swing your hardest haymakers in solo and multiplayer setups for popular fighting game franchises such as Street Fighter and Tekken.  For added control, various setups in the fighting game zone will also feature arcade joystick controllers, so there will be no excuse for dishing out wild super-moves on your opponents.

SHMUP - Shooter / Shoot Em' Up Games

Blast your way through a plethora of popular and hidden gem shooters including shoot em’ up (“shmups”) titles that will absolutely test your reflexes.  From staples such as Gradius, Contra and Starfox, to lesser known games, players will get to take on the finest of shooters and its sub-genres including bullet-hell, vertical shooters, run-and-gun, on-rail-shooters, and classic first-person shooters.

THE CANVAS - Creative Art Games

Attendees to LI Retro will get the chance to play games that encourage players to show their creative side.  These are games that enable the player to craft a variety of artistic mediums and edit their own designs.  Some of these games include the ability to import outside imagery and edit to your liking within the game’s toolset, while other titles allow the player to modify the game’s level design itself.  Each of these games provide unique experiences not found anywhere else, with the Creative Art Zone including the GameBoy Camera, and some iconic drawing tablets!

THE BIG GAME - Sports Games

Step up to the plate or head for the end zone with a vast selection of retro sports games. Many of these sports titles have stood the test of time and aged well as solid examples of how fun, balanced gameplay can trump outdated rosters any day of the week. Players will get the chance to get their hands on titles on revered sports gems. Get ready to pile up the stats and head for the Sports Games Zone to score big.

THE HALL OF ODDITIES - Oddity Peripherals / Physical Games

Some games just can’t be defined by a genre at all. Check out the Hall of Oddities for a selection of games and hardware that are just too unique to pass up. Whether they feature a unique gaming mechanic that extends beyond the use of a normal controller or accessory, or they simply are games that are physical touch in nature, these selection of games will surely make you think differently on how to play. Players can expect to play with the light and sound game, “Sega Pods,” to titles requiring physical movement from the player.