Interact and Play the History of Video Games

Experience dedicated retro gaming sections across different platforms set up for specific genres, eras, and levels of competition.  Attendees at LI Retro will find no shortage of retro games to play ranging from fighting, puzzle, adventure, and open world games to games requiring special peripherals such as light gun. music, and racing games.  With a huge assortment of iconic and hidden gems in each section, you’ll be amazed at the amount of games you’ve barely scratched the surface of playing.

Gaming Zones

Experience over half a century of games with the widest selection of gaming hardware and selection to get your hands on. Utilizing original hardware and hundreds of CRT TVs, players will get the most authentic means of  playing classic retro games.  LI Retro’s gaming curators masterfully arrange the expo’s gaming stations to align with various categories, eras, and genres to create the most immersive experience for every player.


Players of all skill levels come to LI Retro to show they are on top of their game. A variety of open invitation tournaments across various genres and retro/modern eras will be available for players to compete in. Whether you’re entering for the thrill, the glory, or simply to enjoy, all of the tournaments at LI Retro provide players an exhilarating and rewarding atmosphere to share their love of competition.

High Score Challenges

Prove you can land the top score! A number of high-score challenges will be hosted at LI Retro 2023 that will provide players the chance to show off their skills in both familiar and not-so-familiar gameplay settings.  Whether its landing the highest score in a classic retro game or pulling off unique tricks in a deep-cut classic, players of all skills are welcomed to give these high score challenges a shot!

Home Console LAN-Play

Experience the ultimate multiplayer setup with an incredible assortment of local area network connected systems that captures the magic of competitive play before the advent of online gaming. Competitive battles in multi-screen Halo 2, the high-end mech-simulator Steel Battalion on XBOX, 8-player Mario Kart Double Dash, and even a never-before-seen two-player Virtual Boy setup are just some of the experiences you’ll get to play at LI Retro’s various LAN setups.