Arcade Age Exhibit

Experience the Golden Era of Arcade Games

The Arcade Age Exhibit masterfully restores the best and more historically important arcade cabinets to their original glory.  Presented by the Cradle of Aviation and LI Retro, this groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed arcade exhibit explores the history and culture of arcade gaming often ignored. 

The games are strategically arranged for players to experience the various golden eras of arcade gaming as they were meant to be experienced – in an environment that captures the atmosphere of arcades of old.

Play the classic game PONG at the Arcade Age Exhibit
Play beat em up arcade games at LI Retro

The exhibit tells the story of video arcade games from the pioneers in the early 40s and 50s, to the golden age in the late 70s and early 80s, to its resurgence in the 90s, and ultimate decline in the 2000s.

Players will learn the story of the creative and innovative people who explored groundbreaking technologies, the games that sprung from their ingenuity, and a culture that was shaped by their developments.

From the first commercially-released (and beautifully designed) arcade cabinet Computer Space, to golden era classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, to modern contemporary milestones such as Street Fighter II, NFL Blitz, and Marvel vs Capcom 2, The Arcade Age Exhibit puts players back in the world of arcade gaming long lost to history.

Play Computer Space at The Arcade Age Exhibit

Admission to the Arcade Age Exhibit is included with admission to LI Retro 2024, with all games set to free play.