Interact and Play the History of Video Games

Immerse yourself into the evolution of gaming with special exhibitions curated by an expert team of historians and preservationists that tell the story of the various eras and categories of video games.  These special exhibits provide players a whole new level of interaction that will forever shape their appreciation and understanding of the artistry and technical marvel (and sheer fun) of video games.   

Access to all of the LI Retro exhibitions are included with admission. 

New Exhibitions for LI Retro 2024:

25 Years of Dreamcast

Celebrate the 25 Anniversary of Dreamcast’s North American of the iconic console with a playable display of a variety of games, accessories, and collectibles, highlighting its groundbreaking but complicated legacy.

Returning Exhibitions to LI Retro

The Sharp X68000 at the LI Retro Gaming Expo Museum

The Retro Gaming Museum features rare consoles and software from gaming’s past, graciously donated by various collectors across the community. The LI Retro Gaming museum isn’t just a show and tell – many of the rarities will be available to play, including the Sharp X68000 Computer, the 3DO M2, FM Towns Marty, Amiga 500 and much more.

The Hangar Arcade at LI Retro

The iconic visual centerpiece of LI Retro is the mesmerizing Hangar Arcade Exhibit, hosted in conjunction with The Cradle of Aviation.  Play an assortment of arcade 90s renaissance and modern hits with the wings of fighter jets overhead. 

The Arcade Age Exhibit at LI Retro

A groundbreaking exhibit that presents the most historically important arcade games of all time, all lovingly restored to their original glory by the best preservationists in the industry.

Play the complete timeline of gaming consoles at LI Retro

Play every major gaming console ever released where you’ll experience the evolution of video games in the living room from the earliest platforms to modern-day systems.

Curated by the DOS Gaming Expert Anatoly Shashkin, LI Retro’s Classic PC Gaming Exhibit is a love letter to the iconic PC and Mac games dating back to the early roots of DOS to the golden LAN era of Windows gaming.  Get the chance to play first-person shooters, simulators, point-and-click adventure, text-based, LAN favorites, and more classic computing games on the best spec-ed out PC and Apple hardware.

satellaview nintendo at LI Retro Imports

Imported Retro

Play the games that never made it to America that were deemed too foreign for their own good.  Experience an assortment of titles exclusive to Japan and more, in this unique and exciting exhibit exploring the games the Western Hemisphere missed out on.

Playing new homebrew indie games at LI Retro

Retro gaming doesn’t just mean games from the past, but also includes new games for legacy hardware and classic-style games for modern platforms.  Experience the future of retro and play modern-day retro classics from the industry’s hottest independent game designers in this special engagement with leading independent publisher VGNY Soft.

tetris exhibit at LI Retro

Considered to be the greatest game of all time, LI Retro presents an encompassing view into the history and future of TETRIS.  From the original games that started the craze, to its early roots, sequels, spin-offs, and impressive clones, play through them all and understand what made this classic the most-played game of all time.

Step into LI Retro’s exclusive lab for studying legendary Pokemon. Obtain rare Pokemon for your Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS platforms that were only available in limited special events and no longer accessible.  Simply bring your games and finally get the legendary Pokemon you dreamed of.  Plus enjoy a host of other Pokemon-themed activities